One of the most popular and trending installations in modern homes is glass shower doors, as they bring out wonderful aesthetics. If you're contemplating installing glass shower doors in your new home, one of the best options you can settle for is going for the ones with frosted glass. That's tempered glass with a touch of opaqueness made through acid etching and sandblasting processes to attain privacy, thickness, and durability. Below is a detailed overview of the benefits of installing frosted glass shower doors in your new home. 

Excellent Privacy

Bathrooms are places for personal cleaning exercises such as showering and intimate shaving. If you share a bathroom with more than one person, you should take measures to prevent people from walking in or watching you do personal activities. Installing frosted glass shower doors gives you privacy allowing you to shower and do personal stuff comfortably. Moreover, they are usually thick and slightly heavy, providing insulation against outside noises. That allows you to have more private showers to meditate and enjoy peaceful personal moments.

Easy Maintenance  

Maintenance is one of the many factors to consider when choosing a shower door. That's because your household uses the bathroom multiple times a day, and there's also the high likelihood of water damage and mold and bacteria damage. Your choice of shower doors should be able to withstand these conditions to prevent quick damage after installation and expensive and time-consuming repair and maintenance exercises. Frosted glass doors can help you with that in several ways. They don't allow moisture to accumulate and retain on their surfaces, eliminating the possibility of mold growth. Mold can be a nuisance in your home as it damages surfaces, causes discoloration, and even causes health problems at home. Also, frosted glass doors don't scratch or stain easily, and you won't spend much time cleaning or repainting them. You just need to wipe them with a wet piece of cloth or a simple glass cleaner to keep them in perfect condition.

Multiple Design Options

One of the main reasons people are switching to glass doors in their homes is the beautiful designs and aesthetics they bring. Frosted glass shower doors are available in different colors, shapes, and styles, giving you the flexibility to choose a good design based on your preferences. Moreover, dealers in such doors offer customization and personalization services. They can help you pick or cut the doors into different shapes and designs to fit their structural design and complement your home's appearance. For example, if you intend to save space, you can choose a frosted bi-fold shower door. That's a door that folds inside when you push it open, allowing you to use just the inside area of the shower