Adding a new commercial overhead door system to your building can be a necessary improvement to make if your workers will need to regularly load or unload trucks. Whenever you are looking at your options for installing new commercial overhead doors, there are some considerations that will need to be weighed more seriously than others.  

Choose Overhead Doors That Are Well-Insulated

It may seem like worrying about the insulation of overhead doors is futile given that they will regularly open and close. However, well-insulated doors can dramatically improve the energy efficiency of a structure when they are closed. Furthermore, the insulation can help to reduce outside noise in the workplace, which could make it difficult for your workers to communicate. Considering that the additional costs for an overhead door system that has good insulation are minimal, this can be a cost-effective option to include.

Consider The Safety Features The Overhead Door System Will Need

Avoiding workplace injuries and accidents is well worth the costs involved with installing safety systems. These accidents and injuries can be remarkably expensive for a business. Even those that have insurance can still face substantial disruptions as a result of these accidents. While your overhead door system will have some safety features that are designed to prevent the door from being able to close on individuals, you may want to add other safety systems to further reduce the risks to your workers. This can include an audible alert when the door is opening or closing. Also, setting these systems to open and close at a fairly slow rate can also help to reduce the risk of accidents, as individuals will have more time to react to these doors being in operation.

Have A Security System For The Doors

When your business is closed, you should have a system in place for securing the door against intrusions. Choosing an overhead door system that has a control panel that can lock the doors will help you to avoid situations where one overhead door may have been left unlocked by the employees. These control panels can also be secured with access codes so that you can restrict the employees that are able to lock and unlock these doors. Furthermore, these codes can be easily changed when an employee leaves the business so that you can be sure that only active workers have the access codes to lock and unlock these large overhead doors.

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