Crown molding isn't just for a formal living or dining room. This stylish home addition can work in every single room of your house, you just have to be creative. Discover some of the spaces commonly overlooked for crown molding installation.

1. Media Room

Crown molding in a media room is an excellent idea. For these rooms, light is important for safety, but too much light is distracting. Crown molding can be used in this space to add the lighting you need without it being intrusive. There are plenty of molding items that come equipped with a built-in light that is reflected upwards, towards the ceiling instead of down below. However, even though the light is cast upwards, it still provides enough illumination for you to safely see around the room. 

2. Youth Bedroom

This addition is also a great option for a youth bedroom. Often time, when people think about the crown molding, they think about traditional style molding with plain curved or tiered silhouettes. However, molding can be fun too. Crown molding made from plaster can be designed with all sorts of unique patterns, including abstract designs. In addition to adding a fun element to your child's room, this upgrade can also give your home a more custom look. 

3. Low Ceiling Areas

If you have an area in your home with low ceilings that are nagging you, crown molding can resolve your concerns. While some people think that crown molding makes a room look smaller, it actually makes the ceiling in the room look higher, particularly if the molding is painted in the same color as the wall. When the two are painted the same, it blurs the line where the ceiling and wall meet, which makes it look larger. 

4. Kitchen

If you like the convenience of high kitchen cabinets, but you don't like the way they look flush against the ceiling, crown molding is again a solution. In this scenario, you can have the cabinets installed just below the ceiling and have the crown molding installed in the open space. If you have the molding painted in the same color as the cabinets, not only will it get rid of the awkward look, but it will also enhance the look of your cabinets and entire kitchen. 

There is virtually no space in a home where crown molding won't work. If you are looking for some unique ways to add this trim option to your home, contact an installer for help. For more information, contact local professionals like those found at Crown & Trim by Design.