Automatic doors can make entering your business more convenient for your customers while also helping to make your business appear professional and well-established. However, there are some problems that your automatic commercial doors might encounter, and these issues will have to be addressed if you are to keep these doors working for your customers.

Dirty Sensors

In order for the automatic doors to operate, they will need a sensor that can detect when a person is approaching the door. These sensors are often neglected by business owners, and this can contribute to them becoming dirty enough to prevent them from being able to work. This problem is particularly common for the exterior side of the doors.

In addition to routine dirt and dust getting on the sensors, another common source of performance problems is due to spiders building webs on these sensors, which can trap considerable amounts of dirt, insects and other debris that could block the sensor. Wiping the sensors for these doors clean every few weeks can keep these substances from being able to actually impact the performance of the automatic door.

Faulty Motors

These door systems will also rely on motors to be able to slide the doors along a track. If these motors fail, the doors may completely fail to work, or they may open unevenly. While these small motors are extremely difficult to repair in many instances, they are affordable to replace. Furthermore, they can usually be replaced within minutes of the repair technician starting the replacement process. Until this repair can be made, you may need to leave the doors in the open position so that customers do not get confused and assume the business is closed.

Bad Power Connection

Without a stable power connection, these doors will be unable to function in any manner. Over many years, the power connections to these systems can degrade or loosen, which can interrupt this power. Working on electrical components can be extremely dangerous and complicated. In addition to the risk of injuring yourself, you may also damage the automatic door system or even cause a fire.

A professional repair technician should be contacted as soon as you suspect that there is an electrical issue with the door. In some situations, the electrical problem may only cause intermittent performance issues with the door. However, you should still act quickly to get it repaired as these issues could rapidly worsen if they are not repaired by commercial door repair professionals.