Having an automatic garage door can greatly increase the convenience of entering and exiting your garage. However, these systems can be extremely complicated, which can cause them to be prone to encountering some issues. There are a few particularly common questions that homeowners may have about these devices, and learning these answers will help to prepare you to handle garage door problems when they arise.

What Would Cause The Garage Door To Slam Shut And No Longer Open?

There may come a day when you go to use the garage door only to find that it slams shut and stops working. In many instances, this can be caused by damage to the primary torsion spring. This spring allows the motor to easily lift the garage door despite its great weight. When this spring suffers damage, it will have to be replaced to restore the garage door's functionality. However, you should never attempt this repair because the intense pressure of the torsion spring can pose a danger to those that are not trained with safely removing this garage door component. Contact garage door repair professionals for this.

Why Is The Door Only Partially Closing Before Returning To The Open Position?

Another routine problem that a garage door may encounter is only partially closing before reopening. This problem can often stem from a misalignment of the safety sensors at the base of the door. These sensors are designed to ensure that the door does not accidentally close on a person or car, and if they become misaligned, they can send a false positive signal to the door.

Luckily, realigning these sensors may be a repair that you can complete without professional help. To do this, you will need to measure the height of one of the sensors and match the other sensor to it. Using a leveler can be an excellent way of ensuring that the sensors are perfectly even once you have them at the correct heights.

What Can You Do To Ensure Your Garage Door Opens When The Power Is Out?

A power outage can cause numerous disruptions to your home; depending on the type of garage door system that you own, it may cause the door to stop working. If this is a problem that you want to avoid, you will need to make sure that you choose an automatic garage door system that includes a battery backup. This system will allow you to still use the automatic garage door despite the power being out. While these doors will cost more than ones without these backup systems, it can be more than worth it the next time you pull up to your house and discover the power is out.