A single shop in a line of tall commercial buildings can disappear quickly on a busy city street. It is not always easy to earn a profit from established customers or luring people in through advertisements. Passing pedestrians and people driving by must be able to notice the location and be interested enough to stop in too. There are ways to capture attention that can help any type of business to draw in more customers.

Freshen the Appearance

Many shop owners enter through the back door every day and rarely think about the front of the shop. This often leads to the appearance dwindling over time. Awnings can become faded, paint may peel and small chips or cracks in the door or windows can further detract from the appearance. Freshen it all with new storefront doors and windows, a coat of paint and a couple of potted plants at the entrance.

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Create a Display

Every store window should have an appealing display rather than just taped-on, hand written advertising signs blocking out the natural light. Create visually interesting displays that relate to the store. They do not have to be elaborate, but they should contain genuine merchandise offered in the shop and be replaced regularly so they are continuously drawing attention.

Invest in Signage

Updated signs, banners, and flags get attention as well. New signs can give a modern appearance to the location and make it possible to work in new logos or colors. Decorative flags, especially those include the words "open" or "sale" on them, are attractive ways to draw attention. This is important for locations where the windows are dark or the angle of the windows to the road makes it hard for passers-by to see if the interior lights are on. Banners are also an affordable way to notify customers of sales or special events. They can be displayed above the door or on the building rather than blocking the windows.

Avoid Outside Clutter

Do not attempt to lure people in by placing merchandise along the sidewalk. It can clutter the area and make the shop look more like a flea market than a retail business. The one exception would be when free samples are offered. This should always include one or two employees passing out the samples and encouraging people to come inside.

Small business owners need to always be on the lookout for new ways to keep their business looking modern and appealing to all potential customers. The storefront could easily be the deciding factor when people are choosing where to shop. Every entrepreneur should make certain this area offers enough curb appeal to encourage people to come inside and find out more.