When you own a home, it is important to make sure that you update and replace deteriorating elements in your home as soon as you can to ensure that the home is as efficient as it can possibly be. One element of your home that may need to be replaced is the windows. Knowing when it is time to replace windows in a home can be difficult though. The guide below walks you through a few of the reasons why people replace the windows in their home to help you have a gauge for determining if it may be time to have the windows in your home replaced.

Single-Pane Windows Need to Be Replaced

Single-pane windows can be a problem in a home because they allow heat to escape from inside of a home during a cold winter night. You want to have the single-pane windows replaced with double-pane windows to make your home more efficient. To see if you have single-pane windows in your home, hold a lit lighter up near the glass of your windows at night. If you see two flames, you have double-pane windows. If you only see one flame, you have single-pane windows.

A Deteriorating Window Frame Needs to Be Replaced

Older homes often have windows with frames made out of wood. Over time, the wood frames can deteriorate or become damaged from termites. Look closely at the window frames in your home. If you notice that the frames are crumbling, dimpled, or warped, it may be time to replace the windows and the frames with vinyl windows. The vinyl will last a long time and is resistant to termite damage.

Windows That Are Not Impact Resistant May Need to Be Replaced

If you live in an area where hurricanes or tornadoes are common and your home has older windows in it, there is a good chance that the windows are not impact resistant. You may want to have the windows replaced with an impact-resistant window to ensure that your family can be as safe as possible if a hurricane or tornado passes by your home. The impact-resistant glass will keep flying debris from coming into your home.

If you are still unsure if it is time to have the windows in your home replaced, you can always have a window replacement company come to your home. They will inspect the windows that you already have and let you know what replacement options are available to you and why they feel that the windows need to be replaced. This allows you to make an informed decision about whether or not you want to replace the windows. Contact a company like Beyers Window & Door Inc for more information.