Automatic garage doors are great for allowing you to easily enter and exit a garage. However, these systems require complicated and powerful motors to raise the door. Unfortunately, these systems can encounter some fairly routine problems, which will need to be managed in order to keep the door running smoothly. For new homeowners considering installing automatic garage doors, it is important to consider a couple of tips prior to installation to keep this investment safe from routine issues.

Opt For Garage Doors With Dual Springs

The garage door spring is one of the most important parts of these systems because they will be responsible for shouldering the brunt of the weight of the door. Unfortunately, many garage doors only come equipped with a single spring, and this can cause it to be responsible for the entirety of his massive weight.

However, the spring can suffer extreme warping and wear due to these extreme weights, which can eventually cause the spring to fail. To minimize the risks of the garage door spring snapping, you should invest in a dual spring door. By having two springs, the weight of the garage door will be more evenly distributed, which can help lower the amount of wear that the springs sustain.

Invest In Battery Backups

Power outages are an unavoidable problem that your home will experience at some point in the future. Unfortunately, there are many homeowners that lack the foresight to install backup power sources for the garage door. While these doors often have manual releases, it can take a lot of strength to lift these doors, which can be difficult for those with health problems. As a result, these power outages can cause your car to be stuck inside or outside until the power is restored.

Minimizing these routine risks will require installing a battery backup for the garage door. These power sources can activate as soon as a loss of power is detected, which can ensure you are able to use the garage door regardless of whether the power is out.

If you are considering installing an automatic garage door, it is important for you to be informed about getting the most from this upgrade to your house. For those that are unfamiliar with garage doors, understanding the value of opting for dual spring doors and investing in battery backups can help you to get the most from your garage door by avoiding some common problems with these systems. Contact a business, such as the Crawford Door Company, for more information.